Горячие предложения

Pathos I.G.T. 2005

Pathos I.G.T. 2005
Год: 2005
Объем: 0,75
Цена: 1600 руб. 2678 руб.

Moris Farms Monteregio di Massa Marittima 2004

Moris Farms Monteregio di Massa Marittima 2004
Регион: Toscana
Год: 2004
Объем: 0,75
Цена: 500 руб. 1880 руб.

Elena Walch Pinot Bianco Castelaz 2007

Elena Walch Pinot Bianco Castelaz 2007
Год: 2007
Объем: 0,75
Цена: 581 руб. 1032 руб.


Vinoterra was established as a wine distributing company in 2005 by an international group with a diverse business activities. Since the very beginning, Vinoterra was focused on the world finest wines and was targeting mostly HoReCa, private customers and specialized wine shops. The company holds a very distinctive and exceptional portfolio, carefully selected by Russian and
European wine experts. The wine selection is based on the ever classic French, Italian and Spanish wines with an addition of the most modern achievements in wine production. Nowadays Vinoterra enjoys the status of the biggest distributor of Burgundian wines and the biggest buyer at Bordeaux En Primeur. The company has a reputation of strong wine professionals and “wine jewels collectors”.

They are the very top HoReCa brands, and the wines which are of a very high demand. The hi-end wine portfolio is balanced by less-known, but perfectly priced high quality wines from different particular areas, a kind of “hidden treasures”.

Vinoterra is a self financed company. It owns four high class warehouses located in a very center of Moscow. That location gives excellent logistical advantages. The wines are stored under constant temperature and humidity control.
The approach of Vinoterra is based on the following principles:
1. Best wines.
The wines are selected by leading Russian and foreign wines experts. The selection is made, concerning long market trends analysis and perfectly covers the demand of the company clients. Every wine represents best possible quality in its category.
2. Best prices.
Having most of the facilities in a group property, and being a long run project, Vinoterra has a reasonable mark-up concept of pricing and offers medium-low prices in comparison with the other market players. In order to make the products affordable, Vinoterra develops a concept to make the sales, as direct as possible.
3. Best service 
The sales staff includes very strong wine professionals with over ten years experience and sommelier practice. All the staff of Vinoterra, as well as the staff of the clients is trained on a constant basis. Weekly wine classes are conducted by sommelier school professors and well known wine experts. All the sales managers are provided with detailed handouts for every winery and well equipped to make the choice of the clients easy and conscious. Company’s transport is specially equipped for wine, and warehouses location is perfect basis for efficient order delivery.